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Makaha 70s rollerskates

IMG_3423Makaha, since 1963, a company that was the first to produce skateboards, the founder Larry Stevenson had the patent on the kicktail. They were also the first to  produce the longboard and they invented the plastic cruisers.

This pair of very rare makaha rollerskates is from the 70s

Old tartan golfbag

IMG_3343Old “ben Sayers” golfbag with clubs. Ben Sayers is believed to be the oldest golf equipment company in the world, since the 1870’s

“Ben Sayers as a company was founded in 1873 and is thought to be the oldest golf company in the world.

Apart from making clubs and carrying out repairs, Ben Sayers first venture was in making golf balls.

Ben’s first shop was a lean-to shed adjacent to the new 18th tee at North Berwick Golf Club. It was from this shed that he started to aquire a reputation both as a player and teacher.”